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OK, so now you have the basics on maintaining your desktop computer and/or laptop.  Now it’s time to demystify the Windows operating system.  This should be fun, especially now that Windows XP ™ is no longer supported by Microsoft.  Here, in central West Virginia, XP still had (and still has) a large group of users.  The reason was simple, it worked (works).  Many of the people I help with computer repair use their PC and/or laptop to perform simple, family oriented tasks; they keep up with extended family via Facebook™, reluctantly send the occasional email, and shop for items on EBay™, Amazon™ or Walmart™.   Laptops and PCs do not play a significant role in their daily lives; they were purchased primarily for their children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews to “keep up” educationally.

That scenario is now changing-and rapidly.  Mobile devices are now prevalent and the extended family members who have moved to more urban areas have embraced the technology.  So now, grandma, grandpa, the favorite aunt and/or uncle must now communicate electronically if they want the latest picture, report card or to book reservations to visit for the holidays.  Talk about frustrating!

So, let’s get to the task at hand, how to embrace the latest version of the Windows operating System?  Simple really, just pull out your mobile phone and compare. Windows 8™ has the “look and feel” of most mobile devices!  There is a heavy reliance on icons to get the user to the application (app) he/she wants to access.    Whenever I complete an upgrade to Windows 8, I ask the new user to give me a list of their favorite applications and I place them prominently on the Start Screen.  I then take 15-45 minutes (depending on their proficiency with their mobile device) to demonstrate the navigation similarities between their mobile phone and their upgraded computer.  It works.  More importantly, I often strengthen a relationship.

Well, that’s it for these 90 minutes….Tomorrow, I will discuss key strokes and how they further simplify the use of computers…

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