The Struggle to find a Niche, Part Two

Now we get to the bread and butter part of this process, how to insure consistent income in a small community…

In smaller communities, there are several cost effective/free marketing opportunities that can help you generate income; but you must make an effort to find them. Community centers, senior centers, your local grocer, your local convention and visitors bureau, etc. are all excellent locations for marketing. I use them all, with varying degrees of success. There are two keys for making them work for you:

  • consistency- you must visit and/or participate in the activities of your local community center(s) and convention and visitor’s bureau, chamber of commerce, etc.  Do not just sign up…be an active member. I am an active member of our local Chamber of Commerce/Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB).  Our Chamber/CVB has an annual festival that I have participated in (as a volunteer) for the past 10 years.   This membership (and volunteer effort) gets my name out to the business community at very little cost.
  • commitment: you must include local marketing into your daily routine.  I contact local customers weekly (some daily).  I treat every minute that I am visibly a part of my community as a potential “marketing opportunity”.  Example, in my community, I make it a habit to visit the local grocer 4-5 times a week.  The result is that thirty percent (30%) of all new, local business comes from conversations I engage in while simply shopping for groceries.

Volunteering is not a dirty word.  I volunteer at a local community center that helps with food, clothing and emergency shelter.  Forty five (45%) percent of my local business comes from contacts made from this activity.   So, if you are doing the math, seventy five percent (75%) of my local business comes from just making myself a very visible part of my community.  Great stuff,  huh?!?


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