Web and Graphic Design

Above, you see a sampling of the logos, business cards, and photographs that are a part of my portfolio. For business clients, the goal is to provide clean artwork that enhances their organization’s brand. Photography…it’s a relatively new passion that helps fuel the creative process; while also giving me a venue to be creative with fonts.

Described below are three projects that I believe customers and visitors to this site may find interesting and which also reflect my commitment to the small business community. These are projects that I have become involved in getting to the internet; all of them are ongoing projects. Please visit these sites periodically to watch their evolution on the internet.  I hope you enjoy…

West Virginia Explorer

This is a website designed for an organization that specializes in promoting West Virginia attractions, culture and recreation.  This is an example of a content management system build on the WordPress Platform.  This is a large site, with numerous contributing writers and photographers.  Again, the goal was to provide the management team a clean, easy to navigate site which they can comfortably maintain.  Mission accomplished!  You can visit this site at: www.wvexplorer.com

The Richwood Pantry

Again, another website that I am designing for a local Food and Clothing Pantry.  This organization wants to stress the “family” as the impetus for their services.  Hence the logo.  You can visit this site at www.richwoodpantry.org.  This site, too, will be evolving over the next six months.  Yes, I am having fun!

City of Richwood

The City of Richwood commissions a website that would be accessible to local residents using multiple devices. Accordingly, I am designing a “responsive site”. Presently, my goal is to accumulate all the web assets required by the city. Over the next couple of months, watch the site become more accessible to multiple devices. You can visit the site at www.richwoodwv.gov.

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