New Year…and New Technology…

Happy New Year!  Hope everyone reading this blog had a great holiday season.  Personally, I was able to use the time to dig a little deeper into Microsoft’s new Operating System, Windows 10.

First, a couple of things to clear up; there is not, at this moment, a Windows 9.  Microsoft has made a decision to move from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. But knowing the history of Microsoft, the name (Windows 10) may/may not be final, we’ll know when the product is officially launched in April, 2015.  Over the next few weeks, I am going to test and report on many of the new features that come with this product.  Some features will get a cursory review, others I will delve into deeply.  My goal is to have a working knowledge of the operating system prior to launch.

Now, if you would like to test the product yourself, go for it!  Visit the Microsoft website, type in Windows 10 in the “Search” feature and follow Microsoft’s instructions for downloading and installing Windows 10 Preview.   I strongly suggest (as does Microsoft) that you download and test the operating system on a secondary machine.  The product still has bugs.  Also, the product is designed to work on all computers that used Windows XP or better.  Trust me, if you are installing Windows 10 on a machine that was designed for Windows XP, run the compatibility test first.  Also, if your machine is not capable of operating with 3GB of memory, or better, this test product is not for you.  I know that Microsoft says Windows 10 will require only 1GB of memory, but I would go with the “recommended” number (2GB), as bare minimum.

Now to the Operating System itself; I agree with others when they say this is an ambitious and audacious attempt to build an operating system that will span all windows powered devices.   Only time and user input will tell if this works.  But, Microsoft started in the right direction, designing an operating system targeted to “enterprise users”.  That is Microsoft’s core user group/community and ever other user spins from that group…

I am going to keep it simple in this first (of many) posts about this operating system.  The most notable change...the Start Menu is back!!!  Gone (actually not gone, just buried) is the Start Screen.  In my opinion this is a very tacit acknowledgement that Microsoft took user criticism to heart and realized that moving to a Start Screen was too ambitious a step for most users.  Baby steps Microsoft…baby steps.  Below is a look at the Start Menu I use for my secondary computer.

Screen shot of Windows 10 Start Menu

Screen shot of Windows 10 Start Menu used on my secondary computer.

I am an avid Adobe Products user (graphic arts and web design are my passion). So, if you look closely you will see in my Start Menu the Adobe and Microsoft tools I use the most. As with the previous Start Screen, you can resize and rearrange the Start Menu to suit your individual taste. Simply stated…I like this change!

More in the next post…

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