Yes, I have a blog.  My blog is You can find all of my recent posts in the “Archives” located on the right side of this page; or by navigating to the link provide in the previous sentence.

What do I blog about? Basically how to get the best out of your computer and mobile devices. Most of the people I know and associate with on a regular basis are not “techies”. They are small business owners, graphic artists, web designers or other bloggers. They are most concerned with accomplishing the task before them as efficiently as possible. Their laptop, personal computer, tablet or mobile phone is simply a tool. Therefore, they are not too concerned with how the device works; they just want it to continue working!

That’s where my blog comes in…My goal is to take the mystery out of such devices. In my blog I try to explain, in non-technical terms, how to effectively maintain your devices. Basically, I describe how I maintain my own devices; and the joys and/or frustrations that come from the endeavor…

Finally, I discuss what it’s like to be an online entrepreneur residing in a rural community in the USA. It is not as difficult as you might imagine. If you approach the situation with some creativity and persistence, you will (not can…will) succeed.

I hope you gain something from reading my blog.

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