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Hello, I am Norvill Clark and I am passionate in my belief that the internet will continue to drive the globalization of industry and commerce. I actually became enamored with computers as a high school student who got a summer job working in the math laboratory at the Naval Postgraduate School located in Monterey, California. One of the math instructors at the school allowed me to backup the computers in the Computer Center as part of my job; so I was backing up a Cray Supercomputer and delivering punch cards to the various departments every evening.

By the end of that summer I was designing small programs and during my senior year of high school began taking computer courses at the local community college. I was off-campus so much my senior year that I had to reintroduce myself to many of my classmates at graduation.

As a result of this early introduction to computers and technology I naturally gravitated to Silicon Valley after Law School; and have been involved in various aspects of the industry ever since-first in corporate law, next in sales support, later in sales and marketing, and finally the development of web-based technologies. Since 1995, I have been designing custom websites; first for friends in northern California. I started designing full time in 2003-specializing in custom sites that use multimedia content.

As the founder of 3C Solutions I enjoy helping people and organizations embrace the information and marketing aspects of the internet!