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Creatively combining web and graphics design is my goal. I want to effectively present your organization to the more than 2 billion people worldwide who browse the internet; and I accomplish that with clean, uncluttered designs.   A visit to my Portfolio will give you a glimpse of my work. Keeping it simple, I will design a custom site to your specifications. If I host your site, graphic and web design is free!

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My customers tend to be busy. They are primarily artisans, and small business owners who want to run their enterprise or endeavor; not manage a website. So in many cases I host their sites. Again, keeping it simple, If I host your site and assist you in creating your website graphics…I waive the web design costs!

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Unlike many web designers, I will assist you and your organization attract customers. Why build a site that no one visits! Here is my guarantee, if I host your site and provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for the first year, and you have not experienced a fifty percent increase in traffic, I will refund your web hosting fee.  Again, I believe that your brand makes or breaks your organization’s presence. Accordingly, I work to ensure consistency throughout your brand, from business card to website logo and graphics.

Additional Information about Pricing and Payment

Web and graphic designs are creative endeavors and are invoiced as a service. Listed below, are the standard prices I typically charge for web design, web hosting, and consulting services. Once we agree on the actual services to be delivered, I send an Invoice to your email address. All invoices are emailed only after we have negotiated for the services to be provided. Please contact me by phone or email to discuss a Service Agreement/Invoice.

Invoices are provided through PayPal ™ Invoicing Services. Payment terms are as described in the Invoice.

Price Schedule for All Services Provided

Web Design Free* * Free site provided we host your site.  Otherwise, custom design fees apply (see below).
Web Hosting Basic Site: $50.00 (USD) annual Fee Sites incorporating flash, php, MySQL and javascript: $65-$105 USD depending on bandwidth and database design. Additional fees apply for government sites and/or sites that require daily maintenance.
Graphic Design Basic Logo: $25.00 (USD) Deluxe Logos (including flash,3D and/or interactive content) start at $75.00 USD
Consulting Service $20.00/hour (USD) Consulting services include SEO services, graphic and web design
Custom Design Custom Home Page: $50-$100.00 (USD).  Additional pages developed at $10.00 (USD). Full Content Management System starting at $750.00 (USD)


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